Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Deposit

Once you decide to enrol your child in tuition, an enrolment deposit of €80 will be required to secure their slot in our centre.

Two weeks’ notice must be given once you have decided to finish tuition; upon notice, your deposit will be used as payment for the final two term time lessons of tuition.

The enrolment deposit is held centrally and separately by Kip McGrath Centres. It cannot be used for anything other than the final 2 lessons notice. It cannot be used as payment for previously attended or missed lessons as this would automatically remove the student from our enrolment.

This deposit will be rolled over automatically at the beginning of every new term and will only be used when a member of the management team is notified that the student will be finishing their tuition. Should you decide not to return at the beginning of a new term, without having used the deposit, we cannot offer a refund as this will cover the two term-time lessons notice that is required by all Kip McGrath centres.

If no notice of finishing is given at any time of year, the deposit will be used in lieu of the two lessons notice that is required.

A deposit is NOT TRANSFERABLE to any other student.

The deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstances, only used against the final two lessons given as notice. There can be no exceptions to this rule.

As discussed in our “Missed Lessons Policy,” if two lessons are missed without prior notice or payment, the deposit will be used as payment against these lessons. Without a deposit in place, your child’s session will become available to another student. Should you wish to reinstate the deposit, there can be no guarantee that your child’s previous time and day will be available.

Payment of Lessons

The cost of each 70 minute lesson is €40.

Please make payments in cash or by credit/debit card.

Payment is to be initiated by the parent/guardian and must not be late, which would in turn trigger a follow-up call from the Management Team. This payment should be made before the start of the lesson.

If two lessons are attended per week, payment should be brought to the first lesson of the week. Please ensure payment is given at the beginning of the lessons when possible, to avoid confusion at the ‘swap-over’ between tuition sessions.

If two lessons are attended without payment, payment will be taken from the deposit of €80. Without a full deposit in place, we are no longer able to retain that student’s tuition slot. This will result in automatic unenrolment.


What is a “Missed lesson”?
This is when a student does not attend their scheduled weekly lesson with their tutor.

What is a “Make-up lesson”?
This is a missed lesson that is scheduled at a different time to a student’s normal weekly lesson. Therefore, it cannot be at the same time as a student’s normal scheduled lesson and if they are unable to attend it in the same week as their absence, will mean they attend at an additional time in a different week.

What is an “In-Centre Make-up lesson”?
This is a Make-up lesson done in the centre with a tutor.

What is “Flexi or @Home Online DIY Make-up lesson”?
This is a student’s missed, scheduled lesson that is completed at home. All computer and written activities are completed. Written activities are checked by their tutor the next time they attend an In-Centre lesson.

Attendance and Missed Lessons

All policies are standard Kip McGrath requirements in all centres worldwide.

The success of the Kip McGrath program lies in consistency; in-centre attendance must be regular and students must attend the same time slot each week. Developmental skills inherent in our maths and reading programs rely on building on previous understanding which is partially lost with attendance gaps.

What happens if we can’t make a lesson?
Please understand that your child is booked in for a set lesson time. That place is reserved for you, therefore we cannot put someone else in it.

You are required to pay for the lesson whether your child attends or not, during the weeks we are open. A student will automatically be taken off enrolment should our policies not be adhered to.

However, we understand that it is not always possible to attend at the assigned time and we will go out of our way to offer a ‘make-up lesson’ for the one missed. It is a discretionary service we are permitted to offer, which can be withdrawn by the Master Franchise. Many Kip McGrath centres no longer offer this service at all due to the administrative complexity and costs involved.

Our Centre currently operates using the following Mossed Lesson Policy:

  • A lesson cannot be ‘skipped’ without payment.
  • Always give us as much notice of an absence as possible.
  • If we are notified of an absence by 7:45pm the previous day, payment for the lesson will be required that day and then a request can be made for a “Make-Up Lesson”:
    o This make-up lesson must be scheduled within 4 weeks of the missed lesson. Failure to attend within this time will result in a forfeit with charge.
    o If a make-up lesson is arranged then is not attended for any reason, we will be unable to re-schedule again in another time slot. There can be no exceptions.
    o We offer 6 In-Centre Make-ups per year (12 per year if attendance is twice a week)
  • If a student cannot attend in-centre, payment must be made and the student will be offered a @Home Online DIY Make-up lesson.
    o This make-up lesson is a reschedule, so charged at €40. Payment is made prior to the @Home Online DIY lesson becoming available.
    o This lesson must be completed within 6 days of scheduling the @Home Online DIY Make-up. After this time, it will be removed automatically.

If two lessons are missed without prior notice or payment, the deposit will be used as payment against these lessons & your child’s place will automatically become available for another student. We try extremely hard to give great service and appreciate your cooperation regarding make-up lessons.

Summary of Important Information

Please understand that your child is booked in for a set lesson time. This is their regular slot and must be attended weekly.

Payment of Lessons
The cost of each 70 minute lesson is €40. Lessons can also be paid in advance on a fortnightly, monthly or termly basis.

Please make payment in cash if possible.

Please ensure payment is given at the beginning of lessons.

This is set each week and should take no more than 30 minutes. It should not be done on the same night as tuition and there can be no help, unless with a specific reading exercise. Online homework will be taken offline 6 days after tuition, so we recommend homework is done 3-4 days after tuition.

An €80 deposit per student is retained against the final two lessons your child attends. Deposits are never refunded but are used to cover payment of the two lessons notice required.

Please give two weeks notice if you wish to stop tuition. The deposit pays for the final two lessons, so you do not need to bring a fee for these two lessons. If no notice of finishing is given, the deposit will be used to cover the notice and therefore is not refunded.

Missed Lessons
Please make yourself familiar with the “Missed Lesson Policy.”

Any student wishing to enrol at Kip McGrath must adhere to strict rules regarding their behaviour and conduct and show respect for the centre’s staff, property and environs at all times.

Any student found to be in breach of this request for any reason but particularly – refusing to follow the instructions of a member of staff, refusing to work individually and quietly or behaving in any way that distracts from our calm, learning-focused environment – will be asked to cease tuition at our centre immediately.

We appreciate your cooperation in all these areas and look forward to tutoring your child.

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