Blog – 5 Common Reading Difficulties & How Kip McGrath Tutoring Can Help!

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Improving Reading the Kip McGrath Way

Reading is an essential skill for children to develop, but some children may struggle to learn how to read. We understand the challenges that children face when learning to read, and we at Kip McGrath are here to help them overcome these difficulties. In this blog post, we will explore five common reasons children can find it difficult learning how to read and the solutions that Kip McGrath Tutoring offers to help with reading and resolve these problems, as it requires work that goes way beyond the usual scope of grinds.

1. Difficulty with Phonics
Reason: Children who struggle to understand the relationship between letters and their corresponding sounds often find it difficult to decode words.

Solution: Kip McGrath’s reading programmes focus on teaching phonics using a systematic approach. By learning the letter-sound relationships and practicing decoding, children will develop a strong foundation for reading success.

2. Limited Vocabulary
Reason: A limited vocabulary can make it challenging for children to comprehend text, leading to frustration and a lack of interest in reading.

Solution: Kip McGrath Tutoring offers vocabulary-building exercises to help children expand their word knowledge. By enhancing their vocabulary, children can better understand and enjoy the texts they read.

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3. Poor Reading Fluency
Reason: Struggling readers often read slowly and with difficulty, making it hard for them to comprehend and remember what they’ve read.

Solution: Kip McGrath’s reading programmes include fluency-building activities designed to help children read more smoothly and efficiently. By improving their reading speed and accuracy, children will be able to comprehend text more easily.

4. Difficulty with Comprehension
Reason: Some children may struggle to understand the meaning of the text they’re reading, even if they can decode words accurately.

Solution: Kip McGrath Tutoring provides targeted reading comprehension strategies, such as questioning, predicting and summarising. By learning and applying these strategies, children will develop the skills necessary to comprehend and analyse text more effectively.

5. Lack of Motivation or Confidence
Reason: Children who lack confidence in their reading abilities or have little interest in reading may be less likely to engage in reading activities.

Solution: Kip McGrath Tutoring offers personalised, engaging reading materials and activities that cater to children’s interests and abilities. This customised approach helps boost children’s confidence and motivation, leading to improved reading skills and a love for reading.

At Kip McGrath Tutoring, we understand the various challenges children face when learning to read. Our goal is to provide the necessary support and tools to help them overcome these obstacles and develop strong reading skills. 

If your child is struggling with reading, consider partnering with Kip McGrath Tutoring to help them unlock their full potential.

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