Secondary Preparation

Kip McGrath provides courses for students making the leap from primary school to secondary school.

This is individualised according to the current level of attainment of a student and the subject they wish to focus on.

It can include the following:

Secondary Level English

  • Creative writing & use of higher vocabulary levels
  • Essay writing – format & structure
  • Introducing poetry

Secondary Level Study Skills

  • Study skills – time management, note taking strategies, exam strategies, learning styles etc.

Secondary Level Maths

  • Revision of maths concepts that progress into 1st Year e.g. Fractions – Decimals – Percentages
  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Problem – solving in maths

Secondary Level Essay Writing

  • Writing the Lead Sentence
  • Writing an Opening and a Concluding Paragraph
  • Editing an Essay 
  • Essay Analysis  
  • Speeches 
  • Structure of a Speech 
  • Writing and Presenting a Speech 
  • Writing an Editorial  
  • Writing an Essay Under Timed Conditions 

If you feel that your child would benefit from our Secondary Preparation program, be sure to book your free assessment to find our more.

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