Handwriting Support

Handwriting is a fundamental skill that holds significant importance in both personal and professional aspects of life. While digital communication has become increasingly prevalent, the ability to write by hand remains crucial for several reasons:

  • Writing by hand engages various parts of the brain, including motor skills, memory, and creativity.
  • Handwritten communication carries a personal touch that digital messages lack. 
  • Taking notes by hand during lectures or while studying has been shown to improve information retention.
  • Developing good handwriting requires fine motor skills, which are essential for a child’s overall development. 

Achieved in 5 months by a diligent Kip McGrath Student

How the Kip McGrath method and our fully qualified teachers can help your handwriting:

Practice Regularly: Like any skill, consistent practice is key to improvement. Every Kip lesson and homework is an opportunity to practice handwriting.

Choose the Right Tools: We experiment with different types of pens or pencils to find the one that feels most comfortable and conducive to your handwriting style.

Focus on Form: We pay attention to the basic elements of handwriting, such as letter size, spacing, slant, and consistency. We start our lessons with simple exercises to practice forming letters and words neatly.

Slow Down: Rushing can lead to sloppy handwriting. The Kip method focuses on slowing down your writing pace to ensure better control and legibility.

Patience: We understand that handwriting improvement takes time. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Be patient and persistent.

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to achieve perfect penmanship, but rather to develop legible, consistent, and comfortable handwriting that suits your personal style.

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