Dyslexia Support

Does Your Child Have Dyslexia? We Can Help.
Our tutors are kind, patient and experienced in helping children with dyslexia. Working closely with them they’ll move at a pace that works for your child, building their confidence and showing them techniques for managing their dyslexia along the way. Kip McGrath was actually founded to provide the extra help Mr. McGrath’s son needed due to his dyslexia, so you can be sure we understand the challenges it brings and have the tools and techniques needed to help your child progress.
That’s why our dedicated team of experts here at Kip McGrath Templeogue & Rathfarnham identify any weaknesses and give your child more time to turn them into strengths.

Of course, we know that every child is different and unique, so we provide all of our Kip students with a free assessment, allowing us to tailor our lessons to meet your youngster’s individual needs.

Your child has their own likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses as well as talents and gifts, so it’s our philosophy and promise to discover key strengths and unlock their true potential to a brighter future.

You may be familiar with other programmes such as Wordsworth, Kumon or Reading Recovery but our individualised programmes taught in our centre offer something unique.

The Kip McGrath Method

The Kip McGrath method of teaching reading is based on a multisensory approach, similar to the Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Method.
The use of a combination of written and computer-based materials, together with repetition, the opportunity to revisit concepts difficult for the individual and a targeted approach to spelling such as ‘Look-Cover-Write-Check’ and syllable identification, all help to support progress in difficult areas for children with Dyslexia.

Our online platform ‘iKip’ offers this multi-sensory approach to learning, which helps many dyslexic children who cannot always grasp the conventional ways of learning. Computer based activities can be accessed at home to provide additional reinforcement of learning.

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