@Home Lessons

We are therefore delighted to offer @Home Online  Plus Lessons throughout this period.
It’s a great way to continue progress and get invaluable support from our fully qualified teachers.

@Home Online Plus Lessons – The Benefits:

Maintain momentum with our flexible @Home Online Plus Lessons

You don’t need to travel to a centre.

Your child simply logs in from home and enters an online lesson with one of our fully qualified tutors.

Kip @Home Online Plus is a dynamic and engaging way of learning throughout a period of absence from In-Centre tuition.

Can be accessed at your designated time and the lesson length is 60 minutes.

All lessons are reviewed in real time by our fully qualified tutors, who will facilitate changes to ensure that your child is learning to their potential.

Content will be modified to include more activities suited for @Home access.

Assistance will be available Monday – Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

While @Home Online Plus Lessons are not a replacement for In-Centre tuition, we aim to offer an element of educational consistency throughout this period. Our students have worked diligently throughout the year and we would love to see their hard earned momentum continued as we approach end of term exams.

To organise @Home Online Plus Lessons, please use the contact form on this page: